The best thing to see and do on your trip to Toledo in one day


Panoramic views of Toledo from the bell tower of the Jesuit church

If you plan a tourist trip to Madrid and you have time to make aexcursion around, two are the most recommended places when choosing: Escorial Monasteryand… Toledo.

Toledo It is a city with a long history since the time of the Romans, and which is now known as the city ​​of the three cultures because they concentrate on it monuments of the Muslim, Jewish and Christian cultures.

He great attraction of Toledo is that it has managed to preserve its historical configuration, and in your walk through its streets you will see that its corners ooze history.

In Travel Guides you find published several articles that allow you to know what are themost prominent places to visit in Toledo, as well as useful tips for your excursion.

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How to make an excursion to Toledo from Madrid

Now, you may prefer to ignore how to go on your own and sign up for a visit. organized group in which with the company of a specialized guide in art and history You can know the main monuments and monuments of the city.

For this you can sign up for one-day tour to Toledo.

This tour departs from Madrid at 8 in the morning and takes you to Toledo in air-conditioned bus, with a Spanish tour guide.

Panoramic views of Toledo from the Tagus River viewpoint

With a total of eight hours, on this tour you will visit the most prominent corners of the city of the three cultures, such as the Santo Tomé church wave synagogue of Santa María la Blanca.

Also the visit inside the cathedral of Toledo and the mosque of Cristo de la Luz.

When hiring the tour, you can do it without including food, or with two different menus to choose from, the tourist or the traditional one.

From Madrid you also have the option ofFree Toledo tour by AVE

In addition to the ticket high-speed train, this tour includes the card Toledo Card which gives you access to the main monuments of the city, the tourist bus, the guided tour of the one-hour cathedral and a traditional meal.

If you go with family or group of friends, you also have the option of Private tour of Toledo.

Bell tower of the Cathedral of Toledo

Tips for visiting Toledo on your own

But if you prefer to visit on your own, if you are going by car, you want to know how to park for free in Toledo, and if you go by public transport, you must know how to get to Toledo from Madrid by bus or train AVE.

You may even be interested in spending at least one night in the city, so it will be useful for you to have access to for search for hotel in Toledo.

Tourist cards to visit Toledo

Looking forward to your visit, it may be interesting to buy one of the tourist cards that give you access to various monuments and museums, also avoiding possible queues.

You can value this by comparing what the Toledo Card and the most complete Toledo Pass Green Label, which includes some guided tours.

Cloister of the monastery San Juan de los Reyes in Toledo

we are going to propose a route to know the city, and in this way you will knowwhat is essential to see and do in Toledo in one day.

What is essential to see and do in Toledo in one day

This route is set by entering the Hinge Door to start the city visit, which is very suitable if you arrive in Toledo by car or bus line.

Yes you arrive in Toledo by AVE, when leaving the station you will find some arrows on the road that will take you to the city to cross the Tagus river and access it by some escalators that lead you to the central Zocodover Square.

Park the car in Safont

If you are going to travel by car, it is recommended that you leave it in the Safont free parking, which you find in the first entrance of the city from Madrid.

The parking lot is located in front of the Bus station, which you will reach if you opt for this means of transport to go to Toledo.

Hinge Door in Toledo

Enter Toledo through Puerta de Bisagra

From here your walk starts up the street that surrounds the wall, to cross the historic firstHinge Door.

Then you must go up the alley that leads to the entrance to the city at the time of the Muslims, the Door of the Christ of the Light.

Book hotel for your trip on

Although if you want to go directly to the Zocodover square must choose the street that passes by the nearbySun Gate.

Another alternative option, if you prefer to save the cost, would be to continue walking a little further outside the wall until you reach the nearby Recaredo promenade escalator,

In this way you will also directly access the upper area of ​​the city.

Mosque of Christ of the Light in Toledo

Cristo de la Luz Mosque and Roman road

Just pass the aforementioned door of the Christ of the Light, on the left you will see a section of the old Roman road

In front of you you will have the old Mosque of Christ of the Light, denomination acquired when in the twelfth century it became a church after the Christian reconquest.

Originally built in the 10th century, it is along with the Mosque of Cordoba (although very, very far from its grandeur ...), the oldest of the mosques that are preserved in Spain.

Zocodover Square in Toledo

Zocodover Square and Alcazar of Toledo

The Zocodover Square It is the current social center of the city, but it also occupies the place where throughout the history the markets were installed in Toledo.

You can get there directly by bus from the aforementioned Safont parking, and from this square leave the narrow streets that take you to the heart of the historic center.

Very close to Zocodover you will find the great building of the Alcazar of Toledo. which now houses a museum.

Town Hall Square in Toledo

Here you can sign up for a guided tour of the Alcazar of Toledo and the National Army museum.

Town Hall Square and Archbishop's Palace

On your walk through the pedestrian streets, you will soon reach the historic center of the city, which concentrates the symbols of the administrative and ecclesiastical powers.

I mean the la Town Hall Square, where you can also see the building of Archbishop's Palace.

West portico of the Cathedral of Toledo in the Town Hall Square

Toledo Cathedral

But, above all, in this square you find the great building of theToledo Cathedral, whose exterior view detracts from the imposing interior grandeur of this Gothic cathedral.

I advance that its size is the second Gothic cathedral in Spain, after the Cathedral of Sevilla, and currently has the recognition asPrimada Cathedral from Spain.

Before your trip, here you can buy tickets for Toledo Cathedral, with which you ensure priority access, and includes a guided visit One hour long.

Panoramic views of Toledo from the Jesuit church

Panoramic views from the Jesuit church

Our route takes you up to the Jesuit Church, a little visited corner in Toledo, and whose baroque facade can be shocking in the architectural context of the streets and monuments of this city.

However, it is worth approaching this church because it offers you the possibility of climb the viewpoints of the bell towers,

From this place you will have very good panoramic views of Toledo that are little known since tourists do not usually pass through this church.

The Burial of the Lord of Orgaz in the church of Santo Tomé de Toledo

Burial of the Lord of Orgaz in the church of Santo Tomé

The Santo Tomé church It is another essential visit in your Toledo excursion,

And not so much for the architectural interest of the building, but because with this visit you can enjoy the spectacular beauty of the famous paintingThe Burial of the Count of Orgaz of El Greco.

This great artistic work of El Greco You find it as soon as you access the church grounds, in a large special location located inside the entrance porch.

Traffic Synagogue in Toledo

Jewish synagogue in Toledo

Once you cross the narrow streets of Jewish District of Toledo, the first thing that will get your attention from the building of the Transit Synagogue It is the beauty of its interior architecture, with a beautiful wooden coffered ceiling.

From the year 1366, the Transit Synagogue you find it to the southwest of Toledo, next to a viewpoint over the Tagus River, and inside you will visit a curiousSephardic museum.

Nearby you can visit another synagogue, this one from the 12th century.

Santa María la Blanca Synagogue in Toledo

Is aboutSanta Maria la Blanca in which you will be surprised to see that the building of a synagogue It was built with the exquisite Mudejar architectural style.

This is because its construction was commissioned by a Jewish official to Muslim architect and craftsmen from Córdoba.

The end result is a building that from the architectural point of view will seem more like a Muslim mosque than a Jewish synagogue.

Franciscan monastery of San Juan de los Reyes

In Toledo you also find a Franciscan monastery which was built at the time of Catholic kings, at the end of the fifteenth century.

Cloister of the monastery San Juan de Reyes in Toledo

At monastery of San Juan de los Reyes you will see an imposing church and a very beautiful cloister, all with a Gothic-Elizabethan architectural style.

It is undoubtedly one of the visits you should do on your trip to Toledo.

Modern and contemporary art in Roberto Polo Collection

Modern and contemporary art also has its presence in the city ​​of the Three Cultures with the opening during this year 2019 of Center of Modern and Contemporary Art of Castilla-La Mancha born housing the Roberto Polo Collection.

Roberto Polo Collection in Toledo

The new museum occupies the space of former convent of Santa Fe, a place that originally was a Caliphate palace, and it exhibits up to 250 works of the more than 7,000 works of the artist, collector and art historian of Roberto Polo.

During your visit you can see works by up to 170 artists from the historical avant-gardes of northern, central and eastern Europe, as well as pieces by contemporary European and North American creators.

Views of Toledo from viewpoints of the Tagus River

One of the iconic images of the city are the spectacular and essential Panoramic views of Toledo from the viewpoints of the Tagus River.

Views of the Alcazar of Toledo from viewpoint over the Tagus River

To enjoy these views you have to leave the walled city and go to the road that surrounds it around the city following the course of the Block.

In this winding road there are several viewpoints next to which there are parking lots.

I anticipate that it is an essential place to know and visited by tourists. and where the Toledo tourist bus.

If you travel by car, you can do the tour as soon as you arrive in Toledo, before starting the visit of the city, taking advantage of the morning light given the orientation of these viewpoints.

Views of Toledo from the Tagus River viewpoints

A good time is also at sunset, when the city begins to light up, with images like the ones you can see at the end of the video that accompanies this article.

Another option is to climb to nearby Parador Count of Orgaz, from whose restaurant terrace you will have some panoramic views of Toledo with a broader perspective.

A good excuse to at least go up for coffee or a soda.

Victorio Macho Museum

And finally route with places of interest in Toledo, I give you the suggestion of visit the museum of Victorio Macho, palentino sculptor who developed his artistic activity during the last century.

Tagus River from the viewpoint of the Victorio Macho museum in Toledo

You find this interesting museum quite unknown in what was your home, in front of the synagogue of Santa María la Blanca.

It occupies a spectacular location, because from its gardens you have excellent panoramic views of the Tagus River.

Guided tours of Toledo

Finally, you may prefer to go to Toledo on your own, but sign up for a guided tour with a specialized guide in art and history that gives you information about the places and highlights of the city's history.

Alcantara Bridge in Toledo

For this you can join the guided tour of the Toledo of the three cultures With a duration of two hours.

And you also have a great offer of themed guided tours in Toledo, also with a duration of two hours each, among which we will point the following in case they are of your interest.

Tour of the Jewish Quarter of Toledo

Tour of the Inquisition in Toledo

Medieval Toledo Tour

Islamic Toledo Tour

Mysterious Toledo Night Tour

Toledo Night Tour of the Templars