The best thing to see in the Alcazar of Segovia, medieval castle and Royal palace


Alcazar of Segovia from the Eresma River

With himRoman aqueduct and theCathedral, he Alcazar It is undoubtedly one of theessential visits in youSegovia excursion, in thesurroundings of Madrid.

This historic castle, which was also a royal palace, has its main attraction in its majestic location on the top of a rocky hill over which thehistoric city of Segovia.

This location favors excellent panoramic views of the Alcazar from various points of the surroundings of Segovia, the main icon being the views from the esplanade that opens before the Fuencisla Sanctuary, On the banks of river Eresma.

Now beforevisit the Alcazar of Segovia, you should know the mainHistorical facts and somecuriosities of this important monument.

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Curiosities and history of the Alcazar of Segovia

The origins acquaintancesof the Alcazar of Segovia date back to the twelfth century, at the time of the reconquest from the city by Alfonso VI.

From then until the sixteenth century, it was the most thriving era of this majestic castle, as it was the residence of the Castilian kings, so that through its halls they walked up to 22 Kings of Castile.

Note that Isabel I the Catholic resided in the Alcazar of Segovia, and from him he left in 1474 towards thePlaza Mayor of Segovia to be proclaimedQueen of Castile.

Main facade of the Alcazar of Segovia

When Madrid became 1561 in capital of court. heAlcazar of Segovia ceased to be used as a royal residence.

Royal Academy of Artillery in Alcazar de Segovia

After a period in which it was a prison, in 1762 the quarterdeck became the headquarters of the Royal Academy of Artillery Founded by Carlos III.

Good sample of it you can see now in the gardens of Felipe II that in the Queen Victoria Square they extend before the entrance facade to the Alcazar, and in whose center there is amonument to Daoiz and Velarde, who were students of this academy.

Fire of the Alcazar of Segovia

A key moment in the history of the Alcazar of Segovia was the big fire that devastated him in March 1862, which forced your total reconstruction.

Main facade of the Alcazar of Segovia

Therefore, now in yourvisit of the Alcazar there are few original corners that you will be able to see, and in fact the castle is considered a museum, as it tries to reflect the atmosphere and decoration that it had in its most thriving time during the Middle Ages.

General Military Archive in Alcazar de Segovia

Currently, the Alcazar of Segovia houses theMilitary General Archive which was installed in 1898, after the restoration of the building.

Since 1951 it is managed by theBoard of the Alcazar, which has the function of preserving this National Monument, which gradually enriches itself with reforms and new historical heritage.

What to see in the visit of the Alcazar of Segovia

In recent years I have had the opportunity tovisit the Alcazar of SegoviaA couple of times, and no doubt that I have enjoyed the most is when a young American friend came with us.

Gateway to the Alcazar of Segovia

It is through his eyes and his impressions that the spectacular nature of this castle is more appreciated, than for those of us who live in Spain and is part of the typical images of the country.

It was the first time this girl saw a castle in Europe, and she was absolutely impressed by the experience.

What are the best panoramic views of the Alcazar of Segovito

I have already commented that the most emblematic panoramic views of the Alcazar of Segovia are the ones you have from the shore of river Eresma, at the foot of the hill where the castle rises.

But, in my opinion, the most beautiful and suggestive views of the Alcazar are the ones you have from the cloister ofParral monastery, where you have the feeling of having moved the era of Isabel the Catholicin fullMiddle Ages.

As it happens with others castles in Spainfor example with theCastle of Manzanares el Real inMadrid, or the Olite Castle inNavarre, heAlcazar of Segovia It is a building rebuilt from the demolished remains after the great fire of 1862.

Alcazar of Segovia from Monastery of Parral

Therefore, it is largely a recreation of what the castle was like at the time, and therefore, facing visitors, it is presented as a museum of the time.

yourvisit of the Alcazar you can be the culmination of a walk around thehistoric center of Segovia, from theAqueduct, going up thereal street, going through theMain Square and next to the Cathedral,

Finally you will finally reach those mentionedGardens of Felipe II, where in his time was the building of the first cathedral of the city.

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Guided tours of Segovia and the Alcazar

This tour of the historic center of the city culminated with the visit of the Alcazar You can do it in a group with the advice of a Spanish guide specialized in art and culture.

With a total duration of two hours, here is the information about the guided tour of Segovia and the Alcazar, and here a more complete three-hour duration that also includes the visit of the Cathedral of Segovia.

Throne Room in Alcazar de Segovia

Or if you prefer, you can visit the Alcazár within the framework of a private tour of Segovia.

Main facade of the Alcazar of Segovia

From there you can see the main facade of the Alcazar, although for some Remodeling works that are being carried out in the square, you will not be able to see it in its fullness until December 2019.

On the facade highlights the John II Tower, and the exterior decoration of the castle corresponds to what was in the era of theCatholic kings, although slate roofs were implemented at the time ofPhilip II, following the fashion that was in Europe at that time.

The first wall that you see is one of the oldest remaining areas of the castle, since its foundation goes back to theHigh Middle Ages

Alcazar of Segovia

Afterbuy tickets In the building to the left of the main façade, to access the building you must go through the bridge that passes over the 26-meter deep pit.

Medieval armor in Alcazar de Segovia

Next toParade From the castle there is a room where several armor of medieval tournaments of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries are shown, some of which weigh up to 35 kilos.

Halls of the Alcazar of Segovia

TheFireplace Room It is the first one you will see in the oldest area of ​​the castle, which is known as the old palace.

Inner corner of the Alcazar of Segovia

The ceilings that you are going to see are exact replicas of the originals, and the furniture that you will see through the different rooms has been collected for the Alcazar since the middle of the last century.

Specifically, in the so-calledGalera Room The roof is from the year 2000 and shows great sumptuousness.

It has been replicated as the original thanks to the drawings that had been made of this and other ceilings before the fire.

Kings Hall of the Alcazar of Segovia

You will go through the so-calledThrone Hallbut it will be the Kings Room which will also be called a lot of attention, for the decoration of the friezes with images of all the kings of Spain untilJuana the Mad.

Kings Room in the Alcazar of Segovia

Of course, it is also a replica.

To highlight that in this stay in his dayPhilip II contracted civil marriage withAnne of Austria.

From the smallCordon Room you will look out to its windows and you will see beautiful panoramic views of theriver Eresma and the surroundings of Segovia.

On your visit you will also go through the oldChapel of the Alcazar, where a 16th-century altarpiece from the Valladolid church of Blind Viana.

Terrace of the Kings of the Alcazar of Segovia

During the tour you arrive at theTerrace of the Well, also calledKings Terrace, which comes to be like the bow of this castle that is shaped like a ship.

Inner corner of the Alcazar of Segovia

You will finally reach the Treasury Roomunder the oldtower of tribute, Yet theWeapons Room, where you can see a wide exhibition of period weapons.

Among them is a 16th century crossbow similar to the one used Carlos V.

In summary, a walk through the history of Spain thanks to the excellent atmosphere that currently presents theAlcazar of Segovia.

Alcázar Segovia opening hours

It will be useful for your visit to know the following practical information.

Weapons Room in Alcazar de Segovia

Thevisiting hours of the Alcazar of Segovia they are every day of the week, from April to October, from 10 to 20 hours, and from November to March, from 10 to 18 hours, with last access half an hour before closing time.

The only ones days that closes the Alcazar of Segovia They are January 1 and 6 and December 25, while December 24 and 31 and January 5 closes at 2:30 pm.

Ticket prices Alcazar de Segovia

Theticket prices (2019) for visit the Alcazar of Segovia They are, generally, 5.50 euros, which allows you to visit the palace and access the artillery museum.

There is a reduced entry of 3.50 euros from which, among other groups, students, children from 5 to 16 years old benefit and seniors + 65.

Tribute tower in Patio de Armas in Alcázar de Segovia

Besides, you have the option of climb to the top of the Tower of Juan II with its 152 steps, with what the total price of the tickets would be 8 euros; and if you only want to climb the tower without visiting the other rooms, the price is 2.50 euros.

In the Alcazar you also have the opportunity to sign up for a guided tour paying a supplement of one euro.

These visits are carried out at the hour and average times, depending on the demand, and are made in Spanish with a duration of about 45 minutes.

Finally, if you rent a audio guide For your visit, the price is 3 euros.

Enjoy the visit!