The Best Photos of Toledo


Panoramic views of Toledo from the Parador Conde de Orgaz

Toledo is an essential excursion if you make a tourist trip to Madrid.

With him El Escorial Monastery, in my opinion, aToledo excursion It becomes one of the first options if you have some time to complete your visit to the capital.

In Toledo you find a small city in which history oozes through all its corners.

Passage in the historic center of Toledo

In this historical enclave you will see reminiscences of the different cultures that have populated the peninsula, specifically, of Muslims, Jews and Christians.

That is why it is easy to understand that Toledo is referred to as the city ​​of the three cultures.

On your walk through thehistoric center of Toledo You will have beautiful scenes in the corners of your labyrinth of streets.

But you can also visit numerous monuments that are an exponent of the passage of these cultures.

From theMosque of Christ of the Light, located next to the remains of a Roman road, and sample of the Arab culture.

Tajo river viewpoint from the viewpoint of the Victorio Macho museum in Toledo

Going through the synagogues of the Transit and Santa Maria la Blanca, the best examples of the Jewish presence, until the Toledo Cathedral or the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes. outstanding Christian monuments.

In addition, another feature of Toledo are its various viewpoints from which to have excellent panoramic views of the city.

Specifically the viewpoints located by the meander where the Tagus riverthat of Victorio Macho museumthat ofnational hostel or, inside the city, the towers of the Jesuit church.

Best Pictures Toledo

As an advance to your visit, below you have a gallery with the best photos of Toledo.

Toledo tour in one day

Finally, facing youToledo visit If instead of going on your own you prefer to sign up for an organized excursion from Madrid, here you have all the information of aone-day tour to Toledo.

In this excursion that leaves Madrid at 9 in the morning, you will go with a tour guide in Spanish and in an eight-hour day you will visit the most prominent corners of the city of the three cultures

Here you have all the information about the Toledo Tour in one day.


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