So are the roadside motels in the United States


Double room in a roadside motel in the United States

In a coast to coast travel in the United States, or in a west coast tripWithout a doubt, the best lodging alternative we have are the roadside motels.

But, how are the motels What do we find on the route?

The motels We usually find them in the service areas of the roads or the accesses to the different populations. In each of them there is usually more than one motel of different chains, with different levels of quality of service.

Roadside motels in the United States

How are motels in the United States

In general, road motels are commondouble rooms with two large beds King size (large marriage), which are usually clean and in good condition.

In sum, they are decent rooms that offer a reasonable level of service, with sufficient equipment, including towels in the bathrooms, television, and even coffee maker, and for a price of between 40 and 80 dollars the room.

The motel chains cheaper do not offer breakfast, or you only have coffee, so we must have breakfast at some establishment in the area where the motel is.

This must be taken into account when calculating prices, as it may make the whole price more expensive.

In our travel through the United StatesWe have always looked for hotels with Wifi, with two size beds What in (individual) or a king (marriage), with free parking (usually on the outskirts of urban centers is like that), with breakfast included in the price, with television and, if possible, with a refrigerator.

Our room we normally asked for it in the low level.

Motels in the United States

In this way we did not have to carry luggage to the first floor (almost all road motels have only ground floor and first floor), and so we could park the car right in front of the room.

For its location, we used the various tourist websites existing for the motel reservation.

In general, we used to stay in chain motels Ramada, Days Inn, Super 8, Travelodge, Knights inn and Howard Johnson

Once, as in Monument Valley, we had to go to a Holiday Inn Much more expensive but only establishment available in the area.

exist other hotel chains, as Motel 6, which are cheaper, but often did not have Internet or it had to be paid separately.

Motels in the United States

During our trip, we check that in Canada the same hotels are approximately 25 percent more expensive than in the United States.

When and how to book a motel

Now, when should you book the motel during a car trip through the United States?

My initial recommendation at the time of plan the trip on our own is book hotels or motels online in the cities.

Also, it is also advisable to book the motel in the places where we have very clear the specific date on which we will arrive.

In general terms, it is highly recommended to book your stay (in motels or hotels) in cities like New York, Washington, Las Vegas, The Angels or San Francisco.

Seligman Motel on Route 66 of Arizona


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And in certain areas of the United States, such asArizona or Utah (specially in Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon), since there is a lower offer of motels, it is highly recommended to book the room as early as possible.

However, regardless of whether we book certain stays on fixed dates, it is advisable to leave intermediate days on the route without prior reservation.

This will give us more travel flexibility, taking into account that, in general, it will be easy to find a room in a motel on the fly.

In any case, if we have clear our route and the dates of our stay,book by Internet It will allow us to secure the room in a motel and, in addition, the price will be cheaper.

Logically, it is necessary to have a credit card for reservations via Internet.

If we are to look for a motel on the fly, it is recommendedsearch the room no later than 6 pm or 7 pm.

Book hotel for your trip on

In our case we always had the rooms booked three days in advance.