Watkins Glen and Letchworth, natural parks to see between New York and Niagara


Letchworth Natural Park in New York State

If you are going to take a trip to get to know the east coast of the United States, you know that two essential visits are New York and the Niagara Falls.

When planning your trip, you have the option of traveling the distance that separates them in a route by car, which would take you more than 6 hours approximately.

But, besides doing the route by car,what can you see between New York and Niagara?

If you have time, I will propose two stops in two natural parks whose visits will enrich your trip.

Is about Watkins glen and Letchworth, natural parks that can also be visited if your route includes the city of Boston.

What to see in Watkins Glen State Park

In the southern part of the lake region known as Fingers lake you will find a stunning natural park where you will have the feeling of being in one of the great jungles of Asia or South America.

It is a surprising and deep gorge created by erosion, which is covered by a lush forest layer that has been able to develop due to the tremendous humidity of the area.

Watkins Glen Nature Park in New York State

The spectacular throat of Watkins Glen State Park You can go through three different paths.

The first thing you should know is that only one of the three roads runs close to the river and is the George trail.

It is a route of about 3 kilometers in length where the density of the forests that have formed through the gorge will catch your attention.

During your walk you will find short sections, but with strong ascents via stairs, but without a doubt this path is the one that is most worth knowing.

Apart you have two more paths, Indian trail and South rim, which pass through the upper part of the gorge and provide you with beautiful views from the height of the gorge.

Watkins Glen Nature Park in New York State

These two roads are much flatter, with descents or continuous ascents depending on where you leave. Each one runs along one side of the gorge and they have connection between them by bridges along the path.

At the highest point of the road you will find a small shop where you can replenish energy, and if you need it, eat something before returning to the road back.

For get to Watkins Glen State Park, you must reach the town of the same name where you have two options.

The first, park in the lower part of the park and walk the way up and down.

Watkins Glen Nature Park in New York State

Or the option of making a single journey, since you have a bus that will take you to the upper area to do it only down, or if you prefer, you can walk up and then return on the said bus.

If you go in high season a recommendation is to go quite soon to enjoy the trail without too many tourists accompanying you.

Entrance to Watkins Glen State Park is free; The only thing you have to pay is the parking at the access to the gorge, which will cost you between 6 and 10 dollars for the whole day.

Watkins Glen Nature Park in New York State


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If in your travel plan to include this recommended visit you will need accommodation, in the town of Watkins You can find hotels almost at the foot of the trail.

In high season the available accommodation may be scarce, so searching in the surrounding villages is a very good option, in addition to reducing the price of the room.

In the video that accompanies this article you can see the route we made by traveling two of the three paths of the Watkins Glen State Park.

Watkins Glen Nature Park in New York State

On the way out, the George trail that follows the course of the river, and back, the Indian trail, on an excursion that took us almost two hours.

What to see in Letchworth State Park

He Letchworth Natural Park It is a perfect snack before arriving at Niagara Falls as it is less than two hours away from them.

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Letchworth State Park is known as the Grand Canyon of the Eastern United States, but with a big difference, it is full of vegetation and fauna, especially birds and wolves.

The great claim that this natural park has is its three falls, which are located along the river at different heights.

In you Letchworth State Park tourIn addition to touring the many trails, you have several activities to do, such as rafting by the river, and different areas to visit, such as the various viewpoints that you will find on your walk.

In the visitor center of the entrance they will provide you with all the information about what you can do during your visit to the park, which if it is limited to traveling the main path it can take you about two hours.

Letchworth Natural Park in New York State

In the case of Letchworth State Park access is not free because you will have to pay a entry price $ 10, which will reimburse you if at lunchtime you do it at the restaurant inside the park

It is a restaurant set in the typical American rural classic houses, which even has a room used as a museum where you will see historical objects.

If yours are the barbecues, you can if you want to make your own inside the park since they have several areas equipped for it.

Letchworth Natural Park in New York State

Of course, you will have to bring your food as there is nowhere in the park where you can buy it.

With regard to accommodation, the most interesting option is to sleep inside the park itself, where you will find a camping area with small wooden style houses bungalow.

Of course, it has the disadvantage that you must make the reservation well in advance as there are few available booths.

Letchworth Natural Park in New York State

If you are looking for another option, I would definitely recommend staying in the village of Castile, which is the most central entrance to the park and gives you the best access to the southern area that is where most of the activities and visits are located.

In any case, sleeping in one of the surrounding villages is also a good option, as there are several hotels, motels, and even rental houses.