Route from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Page


Highway near Monument Valley in Arizona

Ask you a trip to the west coast of the United States and not visit the Grand Canyon of the ColoradoIt is definitely a trip "lame".

On the other hand, most of those who travel to that area of ​​the country are curious about visit Las Vegas, and I anticipate that it is certainly worth doing to see how a city can become a truetheme park.

But, from my point of view, Las Vegas It has above all the great virtue of being the starting point to visit the Grand Canyon and other national parks, such as Monument Valley during a car trip.

Grand Canyon of the Colorado in Arizona

If on your trip you really only have one day to go to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, you have the option of doing the Grand Canyon plane excursion.

And if your budget does not allow it, you have the cheapest option to sign up for a Grand Canyon day trip by bus.

In this article you have detailed information with all the options on how to get from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon in one day.

All information in detail

  • National Parks Route from Las Vegas

National Parks Route from Las Vegas

But if you have more time (and I advise you to organize your trip to have it ...), you can visit not only the Grand Canyon, but also other national parks and inland areas of the west coast.

Gas station in Hackberry on Route 66 of Arizona

Next, I will propose a route to go from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and other places of Arizona and Utah on your own in arental car

From Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado

My first tip is that you should leave Las Vegas early in order to get to enjoy the impressive sunset in the Grand Canyon, taking into account that you face a trip of 458 kilometers.

You will go through the great Hoover dam, and upon reaching Kingsman, you must deviate to go by the old Route 66, going by Seligman,

You will also know the curious place of Hackberry General Store and finally you will reach Williams, town where you should make a quick visit, and where I advise you do not forget to enter the Twisters bar.

In the afternoon you will arrive at Grand Canyon, for whose visit here you have our best tips.

Western Town in Seligman, on Route 66 of Arizona

In this impressive place of Arizona, already inside the national park you have hotels on the edge of the South Rim, although it will be more affordable Stay in Tusayan.

It is a service area that is located at the gates of the same national park, next to the airport from where the helicopters that fly over it depart.

Here you have information with all the options where to stay in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado and its surroundings.

That same afternoon will give you time to tour one of the viewpoints of South rimfrom where you can see the great landscapes of the Grand Canyon at sunset.

If you want to enjoy the sensations of fly over the Grand Canyon by helicopter, you must have booked it in advance of your trip first thing in the morning.

Sunset landscapes of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado in Arizona


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To resume the route, you must head east on the South Rim) of the Grand Canyon watching the landscapes from the different viewpoints you find.

You will finally reachDesert view, the last of the viewpoints of the park, where the Anasazi India lookout tower.

From the Grand Canyon to the Monument Valley

From there you already leave the national park to go directly from the Grand Canyon to the Monument Valley.

They are barely 300 kilometers, but you have to arrive as soon as possible to visit its impressive landscapes.

At Monument Valley you will enjoy the famous panoramic views from the viewpoint of the Hotel View, and it is possible that you have time to make the complete tour through the interior of the park, or at least, much of it.

Monument Valley on the west coast of the United States

To stay you have only two options, sleep in one of the Kayenta hotels, or in Mexican Hat.

From Monument Valley to Page

If you only have one more day to do this route, you should know that, for example, if you have slept in Kayenta, you are 650 kilometers from Las Vegas (about 7 hours) by the route that goes by Page, north of the Grand Canyon.

You will have time to stop at the aforementioned town of Page, where you can see some prominent spot, such as Horseshoe Bend.

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If, on the other hand, you have one more day, your first objective will be to complete your Monument Valley visit (if the previous day you have not been able to cross its inner track).

Horseshoe Bend near Page to northern Arizona

You can sign up for a guided tour of Navajo Indians, or see any of the nearby places, such as San Juan River Goosenecks or the Valley of the Gods

Then you will get to Page, which is about two hours away, with the idea of visit Antelope Canyon In the morning of the next day.

From Page to Las Vegas

Of course, you have to keep in mind that to do the Antelope Canyon tour You have to book some time before your trip.

The ideal is to visit at 12 in the morning, which is the best time to enjoy the light games that can be seen in this impressive narrow canyon.

Lights and colors in Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Another option would be to visit the curious natural site of The Wave in Coyote Buttes or sign up for a Hummer tour to visit the landscapes of Water Holes Canyon.

Finally for go from Page to Las Vegas, going by Kanab and St george, you must travel 450 kilometers, about five hours.