Coast to Coast (14) - This is the museum visit of the National Mall of Washington


View of the National Mall of Washington from the Capitol - Photo: Salvador Samaranc

On our third day in Washington, during thecoast to coast travel through the United States and Canada, we left at 8.30 am from the hotel.

We have headed to the central station of the railways, the Union Station, where we left the car in a parking building attached to it. From the last floor of the parking lot we have a great panoramic view of Washington.

We take the opportunity to take a walk through the Union Station, a very stately building, like everything in this city, sober, elegant, that doesn't really look like a train station.

We also stroll through its huge Food court, an area with many shops.

Museum of the Indian People in Washington - Photo: Salvador Samaranch

We have walked the distance to the Capitol,but it was all very closed and without queues of people to visit it. No doubt something must happen because it was a day when the building should be open to the public.

Anyway, we do not ask the police of the area the reason for the closure, so we settle for a complete turn around the emblematic building, visiting its gardens and climbing the stairs to admire the views of the great avenue of the National Mall, with the Lincoln Memorial at the opposite end.

National Mall Museum

Walking by National Mall we get to him museum of the American Indians (Museum of American Indian), which we decided to visit. It is a large museum, in an original building very well designed.

Show the history of the indian nation (indigenous) of the entire American continent, north and south: its universes, different peoples, lives and the return to the place of origin.

Washington National Air and Space Museum - Photo: Salvador Samaranc

Upon leaving we headed to the adjoining museum, the National Air and Space Museum, with the purpose of seeing the Apollo ships They managed to come and go from the moon. Hallucinatory!. From the current point of view of technology, these Apollos are more like Columbus caravels than to the current airplanes.

The visit to the museums of today (American Indianand Air & space) may reflect the extremes of American history.

New walk through the fantastic National Mall to return to the Union Stationwhere we decided to eat in the Dubliner, Irish pub next to the station building. We take some you paint Kilkenny !! Very good !!, and we ate really well.

After picking up the car, we went to visit outside, and without getting off the vehicle, the Jefferson Memorial, located next to Potomac river, a building similar to that of Lincoln Memorial, although of smaller dimensions.

And at this point we finish our Washington visit, and at 18 hours we were already at the hotel. It has been a very hot and slightly cloudy day and Aurora is already better cold. Bravo!!


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