What is the Redress Number and ask if you need it to travel to the United States


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Within the framework of the hardening of safety measures to fly to the United States that has been in recent years, a new term has emerged that is associated with the requirements to travel to that country, the Redress Number.

But actually, what is he Redress Number?

And, above all, is it a new requirement essential to fly to the United States?

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Below are the answers that can clarify what it is.

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  • Is the Redress Number essential?
  • How to request the Redress Number?

Data needed to fly to the United States

For travel to the United States, from Spain and other European countries you have to complete the ESTA form with which you request the relevant authorization for the trip.

Once the application is approved, you must pay the tourist rate which is established in 2010, which is currently $ 14.

But in addition, the areas are required to provide the customs authorities of the United States with all the information that is reflected in your identification document (ID), which in the case of Spain is the passport.

Therefore, it is not enough only to provide the name and surname of the traveler to the United States, but when buying the ticket you must provide additional information, such as the date of birth and sex.

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Thus, when passing customs at an airport in the United States, the passport data submitted to the police must correspond to the smallest detail with the data provided by the airline to the customs authorities.

What is the Redress Number?

He Redress Control Number is how the identification number you can request from the Department is known Homeland Security, which will serve to complement your personal data.

He Redress Number will facilitate access to United States airports avoiding that, for doubts that may arise regarding your true identification, they will hold you for a while at the customs police station until confirming that you are not a person wanted by a criminal or terrorist.

For example, if your name is Juan García Fernández and you live in Madrid, it may happen that with that name and residence there is a person with an international search and capture order.

In that case, you will be held for a while at the airport customs station until your true identification is clarified.

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And in my case I have to tell you that I am already accustomed to that, because of the disposition of my name and surnames, they usually retain me at the airport customs whenever I travel to the United States.

Is the Redress Number essential?

It is not essential.

What's more, it's about One option that only those who, after traveling previously to the United States, have been retained in customs control.

In this way, at get the Redress Number, you make sure that your true identification is clear.

Therefore, if you have not requested it, and when buying the plane ticket to fly to the United States the airline asks you about your Redress Number, you must leave the box blank.

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How to request the Redress Number?

He Redress Number You can apply online at the Homeland Security Department website.

Initially you must indicate the reason why you request the Redress Number

And then you have to provide a series of personal data and indicate in what circumstances you have been retained at customs, or why you have not been authorized to enter the country.

Once requested on Redress Number, the answer can be delayed even several months, so if you think it is convenient to ask for this identification number, do it well in advance.

Once received the Redress Number, this information can already be included in the corresponding box when requested by the airline among all the identifying data.

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