New York - How to do a Harlem Spanish tour with gospel


Harlem neighborhood in New York

One of the most special tourist excursions you can do on your trip to New York is to attend a Gospel Mass in Harlem.

But Harlem neighborhood located north of the island of Manhattan has a long history that goes beyond gospel songs.

In this regard, in yourNew York visit you can join a guided tour of Harlem made by a tourist agency during which you can learn about this history, as well as the most prominent places in that neighborhood

Harlem neighborhood in New York

This tour culminates with a choir performance gospel.

Harlem Spanish tour with gospel

The Harlem tours the Sundays and Wednesdays, with a tour guide which gives all the explanations in Spanish, and have a duration of about four hours.

This tour includes a route through the most significant points of the neighborhood, such as the Cotton club, he Apollo Theater, Sugar hill or Hamilton Heights

During the tour you will visit the Baptist churchAbyssinian Baptist Church, heSchomburg Center for Research in Black Culture andStriver's Row.

The tour ends with the assistance of a performance by gospel performed by the choir of theARC, Addicts Rehabilitation Center, the oldest drug addiction support foundation inNew York.

Harlem neighborhood in New York

To make this tour you must go properly arranged, and it is essential that you do not wear shorts or shoulders in the air.

He price standar (2018) of this Harlem sightseeing tour with Gospel show It is 59 euros.

In these Harlem excursions there is also the option that includes a meal brunch, which on Wednesdays is in the famous restaurant Sylvia's, so the price is higher and the tour lasts for five and a half hours.

Here you can buy tickets for the Gospel tour in Harlem.

How is the experience of a Harlem tour with gospel

If you are curious to know how is a tour of Harlem, here is the story of our friend Salvador Samaranch, who signed up for one of these tours in a Sunday during his most recent trip to New York.

Harlem neighborhood in New York

This experience will serve as a reference, although each tour has its characteristics depending on many factors, such as the company with which it is contracted, the day of the week that is carried out or the Baptist church that is visited.

I hope you find it useful.

At 8 o'clock in the morning we were picked up by coach to do the Harlem neighborhood tour, with Gospel Mass included. It is a tour that takes place every Sunday and that should end around 13 hours. About twelve people climbed into our hotel.

The guide was a young man, the son of Colombian parents but born in New York, quite nice and, as he explained, with a wife, mother-in-law and four daughters.

The departure was a bit messy, because we had to go to the Sheraton hotel to pick up more tourists, and we had to distribute in two coaches.

In this process we had to suffer for a while the impertinences of a Spanish lady (the tour was in Spanish) who was very susceptible and did not want to sit at the end of the coach because he considered that it was insulting.

Harlem neighborhood in New York


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Finally, after a while the issue was resolved by sending the lady and her self-conscious and embarrassed daughter to the other coach.

Ronnie, the guide, was quite attentive and was explaining a multitude of curiosities about New York, of his life, of his experience, of how to attend some attractions or shows for free or at a better price than the official one.

In addition, he was telling us about the different places we saw during the tour.

Harlem it is a neighborhood of the Manhattan Island Since the 1920s it has been an important residential, cultural and business center of the African-American community.

Harlem It has been defined by a series of boom and bust cycles, with significant ethnic changes that accompany each cycle.

The resurgence of the New York City at the end of the 20th century it has also led to the renewal of Harlem.

Harlem neighborhood in New York

The neighborhood maintains a predominance of black residents, but in recent years it has grown with new European-American, Hispanic and Asian middle-class residents.

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This New York neighborhood has experienced a positive evolution thanks to strong investments and a very hard line against crime.

There has also been a real estate boom, with rising prices, many renovated houses, and now it begins to be a neighborhood where it is nice to live.

In our tour of Harlem we pass in front of Apollo TheaterWithout doubt, the most famous club associated almost exclusively with African-American artists.

They explained to us that the new artists went on stage to show their art for a few minutes. and that the public acted as a judge whistling and kicking if they had not liked it, or applauding to rage at the other end.


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Artistic talent hunters followed these popular verdicts.

In this central area of ​​Harlem, north of Central parkWe go through Sylvia's, reference point of southern food, for the Liberation library and the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

We also saw two of the most important streets that bear names of relevant black leaders, the 125 street and Lenox Avenue, also calls Martin Luther King and Malcom X.

On the west side, bordering the Hudson River, we saw the Columbia University and the huge Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the largest in the United States.

Harlem neighborhood in New York

Also in this area is the Spanish Society of America.

We made a brief visit of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, and from there we headed to Sylvan Terrace, a small street that leads you to Morris Jumel Mansion Museum.

In this cobbled street there are rows of historic wooden houses dating back to 1882.

The Morris-Jumel Mansion, located in Washington Heights, is the oldest house in Manhattan. It served as headquarters for both sides during the American Revolution.

From there we go to the Memorial Baptist Church to the celebration of theGospel mass.

We attended the first part of the ceremony, where tourists occupied about half the capacity, which was not very large; I calculated about 400 people.

In the second part of the celebration only the faithful of the area remain, without tourists. The African-American assistants were all very elegant.

Harlem neighborhood in New York

The religious service was chaired by a priest with the help of several assistants, and the choir was composed of men and women, all black, except a singer who was white, all in their gala dresses.

In this first part of the ceremony, to the rhythm of drums and guitars, and with a lot of progress, several songs that sometimes gave you goosebumps were sung. Between them and the local assistants they made great choirs.

At the end, they accompanied us gently to the exit to continue them alone with Sunday's offices, letting in more parishioners who occupied the seats we had left empty.

I honestly think that the money they charge tourists for this three-quarter-hour display goes pearls to the parish.

And from our point of view, it is very worth it because the songs really shake, and we all end up dancing on the benches.