Coast to Coast (122) - The experience of crossing the Brooklyn Bridge walking


Brooklyn Bridge in New York

On this day of New York visitduring our coast to coast travel in the United States, we cross the subway under the Hudson River to take a walk along the edge of the Brooklyn neighborhood, so you can see the panoramic views of Manhattan which is very common in many American movies.

Our purpose was then to return to Manhattan again, but walking through the spectacular Brooklyn bridge. We did that.

Before we walked some streets of Brooklyn, where we could see the characteristic image of the stairs with several steps necessary to access the entrance doors of the houses.

Panoramic views of Manhattan from Brooklyn in New York

Brooklyn It is one of the five counties that make up the New York City. It was an independent city until its inclusion in 1898 within the urban conglomerate of the city.

Currently, Brooklyn is the most populous neighborhood, with about 2.5 million inhabitants. Despite the union with New York, Brooklyn maintains a strong identity.

Then we went to the viewpoint where we could see and admire that panoramic view of Manhattan thousands of times seen and photographed. We walked for a while through the gardens that extend in this area, always looking towards Manhattan and imagining the Twin Towers majestic over the rest of the skyscrapers.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge in New York

From there, walking, we went to the beginning of the Brooklyn Bridge, though, tasting an ice cream, because the heat was important.

He Brooklyn bridge joins the neighborhoods of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Finished to build in 1883, with its 1,825 meters in length, it became the largest suspension bridge in the world, in addition to being the first suspended by steel cables.

Since then, besides being one of the New York's most recognizable symbols, it is an emblem of the nineteenth century engineering because of how innovative it was at that time the use of steel as a large-scale building material.

Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn in New York

As we walk the fabulous bridge, we see that it has two levels, one for vehicles, with three lanes per band, and a higher level used by pedestrians and bicycles.

We walk slowly, resting on the big bollards, where a Galician asks us if we know the prefixes to call Spain from his mobile; We inform you and thank you.

The bridge is incredible in its construction, its very wide steel cables, its high pylons, its views over Manhattan and Brooklyn, the huge ships passing underneath, cars and trucks on the lower level, and despite all that, the feeling of tranquility and peace that the pedestrian route gives.

Level of vehicles on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York


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We arrived already tired to the edge of Manhattan, because it had been a very long day, and I began to have sores on my feet, my thighs brushed against me and the English had almost turned red hot. We are not perfect.

Already in Manhattan we saw a group of young people imitating Michael Jackson in his dances and in his famous “moonwalk" Some did it well and with some grace.

From there we already look for a subway station and, after making a transfer, we arrive at the hotel. Aurora, exhausted, and I shattered with my sores. We barely bought anything for dinner at a super close and some special strips (Compeed) for my war wounds, and we retired to the hotel.

Of course, in the pharmacy we learned that hydrogen peroxide is not called oxygenated water, as we asked for, but hydrogen peroxide, Take it now !!

Cable structure of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York