This was the visit of Harvard University and MIT near Boston


Harvard University in Boston

After visiting the previous day Gloucester, on this day we have decided to visit the Harvard University, first stage in Boston in our road trip through the United States.

To do this, from the hotel we go directly to Cambridge, locality of great boston Where is it located?

The Harvard University It is the oldest private institution of higher education in the United States.

Founded in 1636 with the name ofNew college, changed its name to Harvard college in 1639, in memory of his benefactorJohn harvard, a young cleric who donated to the institution his library of 400 books, as well as 779 pounds, half of his estate.

His great impulse was carried out Charles William Eliot, who radically transformed the university model at Harvard, turning it into a modern research center.

These reforms included elective courses, small classes, and the entry into force of exams.

Residential building at Harvard University near Boston

In Harvard, its library stands out, with more than 15 million volumes.

In this way it becomes the largest academic library in the U.S, and the fourth in the ranking of mega libraries, led by the Congress American.

Its main campus, that of Cambridge, is located just over five kilometers from the downtown Boston.

With about 7,000 university students and about 14,000 postgraduate students, their prestige serves these data: eight presidents of the United States and 75 Nobel Prizes have had any connection with the Harvard University, as students or teachers.

John Harvard statue at Harvard University near Boston

What to see in Harvad

In our harvard visit We parked the car next to the main campus of the university, which is located in the center of the town of Cambridge.

We were long in and out of the various buildings in which it was allowed.

Throughout the campus there were many groups of students under the trees doing some kind of academic activity.

Memorial Church at Harvard University near Boston

We were able to historic buildings like the Widener Library, Memorial Church, Lamont Library, the university headquarters ...

We also walked among the many buildings dedicated to residences for teachers and students, with its characteristic clay red color, so known for the films where it appears Harvard.

In the center of the campus is the large statue dedicated to John harvard, who is sitting on a pedestal under a large American flag.

The custom is, stretching your hand up, touching your left foot. And so we did. Let's see if we get wisdom!

Announcement of Catalan classes at Harvard University near Boston


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As a curiosity, we were struck by metal posts similar to those used to pay for the blue zone, which were actually alarms to notify the police directly in case of assaults on passersby.

After the visit, we went to another emblematic academic institution in Boston: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

It is one of the main university institutions dedicated to teaching and research in the United States, especially in science and engineering.

Also located in Cambridge, also has numerousNobel Prizes between their teachers and former students.

Student residential building at Harvard University near Boston

In his story there was some attempt to merge the MIT with the Harvard University, which did not bear fruit.

Admission in the MIT It is very competitive, and has been classified by various publications as the most selective university in the United States.

It is also considered one of the best in terms of quality and effectiveness of teaching.

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We could only drive through its streets and, finally, we are headed to start our Boston visit.

Students on the Harvard University campus near Boston