Coast to Coast (93) - This is the Minneapolis visit in Minnesota


Lake in Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota

We are in Minneapolis, the most populous city in the Minnesota state, which is also known by its nickname, theLand of 10,000 lakes.

Such lakes, together with the other water courses and its many national parks and forests, offer residents and tourists a clear vocation of outdoor lifestyle in the spring and summer seasons.

As you can imagine, the city is very rich in water, with about twenty lakes and wetlands, plus the Mississippi River, streams and waterfalls. That is why we also know Minneapolis as the Lake City, an expression that appears in many vehicles and municipal properties.

Minneapolis in Minnesota

In this new day of our coast to coast travel through the United States and Canada, from the hotel that was located on the outskirts we headed towards the city center.

I have to recognize that the downtown we found it quite monotonous, boring and standard, with many fairly uniform office buildings, with restaurants and little else.

From there we went to the other side of the Mississppi river, to an area called River side, apparently quite pleasant to live, with houses in a middle American neighborhood. The riverbank gives the feeling of being an area in the process of transformation and regeneration, with a recent offer of leisure facilities.

Houses in Minneapolis lakes in the state of Minnesota

The Mississippi is born a few kilometers north of Minneapolis. Although Minnesota is called the state of 10,000 lakes, it seems that there really are 12,000.

From the River side we go to the lake area of ​​the city. Very careful, you can cycle the roads that surround them, either walking, rollerblading or by car. Many of them are linked by a tour interlagos.

The three lakes we have seen in Minneapolis They set up a fantastic leisure and relaxation area. Walking we have made the complete turn around harriet lake, more than four kilometers in about two hours. Although the day was cloudy but without raining, it has been a very pleasant walk, very relaxing.

Rose Garden in Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota

Along the way there are several piers with fishermen and their rods, there are people paddling in their canoes, there are a lot of squirrels of different colors and shades, which only run away when you really approach within two meters.

We have taken advantage of the tour to take a hot dog and a bag of popcorn. We sit on the benches around the lake to watch the tranquility, breathe trees and feel the water. A lot of people doing jogging, by bicycle and on roller skates. There are times when it gives the feeling that in places like this it is always Sunday.

In some corners there are small beaches with young children playing in the sand and bathing in the lake. What also surprised us was the large number of beautiful houses surrounding the lake. All fantastic, spacious, with terraces overlooking the lake, with very careful lawn, lush vegetation.

It seems unbelievable that so many people can have this type of residence, all of them, without fences or fences, with gardens shared among all, all in sight.

Rose Garden in Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota


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We were struck by a group of lonely banks that surround the lakes, on their way of walking, and that transmit a certain melancholy. We may be missing, or someone permanently sitting there to not lose that peace.

We also pass by Calhoun Lake, very beautiful. We continue on our way to Lake of isles. Before reaching this lake, we deviate a few meters to visit the Rose garden, garden that, like that of San Francisco, offered a multitude of shapes and colors of the rose. We had a good time smelling them and photographing close-ups of the petals.

Bench area by a lake in Minneapolis in Minnesota

He Lake of isles, smaller than the previous ones, it has an island in its center, as well as several piers for rowing clubs. There were quite a few canoes on the lake and people on a beach.

Finally we went to visit a more commercial area of ​​the city, where we ate in a restaurant / pub / party room called Slims Saloon.

I remember that in the hotel we saw The diligence (The Stagecoach) by John Ford, a film shot in Monument Valley.