Coast to Coast (89) - This was the visit of Calgary in Alberta in Canada


Prince's Island Park of Calgary in Canada

Aurora has hardly been able to sleep because she was at night processing all the natural beauty we had seen today.

In our coast to coast travel through the United States and Canada, today we have decided to have a calm and relaxed day. We have dedicated all morning to know the city of Calgary, in Canada, then rest at the hotel in the afternoon and catch up on issues of mails, programming and organization of the next few days.

We have informed ourselves via internet of the tourist attractions of the city and surroundings, as we usually do when we get up, and we see that Calgary It is the largest city in the province of Alberta in Canada.

It is located in a region of hills and highlands, about 80 kilometers east of theRocky Mountains.

Modern buildings in downtown downtown Calgary in Canada

Third city of Canada in population, with just over a million inhabitants, Calgary It is a well-known destination for winter sports and ecotourism: a large number of important vacation spots are located near the city.

Remember that in 1988 Calgary became the first Canadian city to host the Winter Olympics. More recently, in a survey conducted by Forbes magazine in 2007, it was rated as the cleanest city in the world.

This is difficult to assure, but the truth is that it is a city with one of the highest living standards in the world.

Although there are several museums and exhibitions to visit, we simply choose to simply stroll through the center downtown from the city, visiting the Prince's Island park. So we could enjoy a pleasant tour on a very sunny day, which being Sunday, was also very quiet.

Communications tower in downtown downtown Calgary in Canada

First we drove around the city, where we passed by the Calgary Telecommunications Tower. Of 160 meters high, it is said that from the top of it it can be seen on clear days up to about 150 kilometers around. We do not climb.

In our tour by car we find that many of the buildings in the city center are connected to each other through raised passageways on the streets, at the height of a second floor approximately. This is an unequivocal symptom of the rigor of winter, as these connections allow citizens to move from their jobs to stores, shopping centers and restaurants, without being frozen on the sidewalks.

The city is modern, surrounded by parks everywhere, with two rivers that cross it, with a skyline quite complete and with some street closed to traffic to be dedicated only to trams. Many flowers (as in other Canadian cities and towns) decorate lanterns, squares and streets.

Calgary is a very clean city which conveys a lot of kindness despite the large blocks of cement.

Restaurant in Calgary in Canada

We parked the car on the banks of the bow river (free ¡¡oe !! oe !!! oe !!! for being Sunday) and we walk along the path that borders the river, which is actually a large park where many people practice sports. Little by little we approach the surroundings of Prince's Island park.

The surroundings of this small island in the middle of the river, which is accessed by pedestrian bridges, form a beautiful urban park. Very well maintained gardens, with many flowers, this park offers many recreational activities.

We sit in the sun to read one of the free newspapers we have taken down the street. There is also a pretty food Fair. with booths that offer dishes from many world cuisines at a good price.

We continued walking for a couple more hours, but on this journey we did not see any restaurant that would excite us and we decided to eat at the outskirts of the city, near our hotel. Finally we ended up in a very well placed restaurant, called Earls.

Sculptures on a street in Calgary in Canada


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We decided to make an extra and give ourselves a small and deserved tribute, despite being a more expensive restaurant than usual and we entered. Sitting at a pleasant table outside, isolated from the others by curtains and wood that gave some independence, we enjoyed pleasant dishes of oriental cuisine and some special beers that were recommended.

After eating at about 5 pm, we retired to rest at the hotel, and took the opportunity to connect with family and friends, plan the following days and watch sports and movies on television.

Tomorrow again on the road toward Moose Jaw, near Regina, in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

More photos of Calgary


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